Can You Use Travel Insurance If You Study Abroad All Year?

Have you considered checking out abroad? About 3 percent of Canadian students study in other countries each year, according to the Canadian Bureau of Worldwide Education and Learning (CBIE). About 14 percent of them decide to study in France and another 9 percent in the United Kingdom. 9 out of 10 Canadians who have studied abroad say their experiences enhance their educational and learning potential and their profession.

The last thing most trainees remember when starting their academic experience is falling ill or having an accident – but they do happen. That is why insurance is an important part of every student’s travel expenses.

Why do Canadian trainees need travel insurance for overseas examinations?

Most higher education institutions require trainees to have health and fitness insurance. Various other countries also require trainees to have travel and emergency insurance to study in their country.

Some Canadian provinces have reciprocal contracts with various other countries to provide health care solutions to their residents while traveling. For example, Quebec has joint health and fitness contracts with Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark and 6 other European countries. This contract does not provide all the coverage required in all circumstances. For example, clinical transportation within the country or emergency travel home is not covered by a collective contract. Also if you are going to a country that has a joint health and welfare contract with your territory, travel insurance is essential protection.

Some provinces such as B.C. and Ontario, will provide their residents with a health and wellness card, with partial reimbursement for emergency clinical therapy when traveling overseas. SM limits reimbursement to $75 per day, and while Ontario’s allowance is more charitable, the district recently lowered it. Also after that, provincial health care plans account for much less than 5 percent of the total cost for most overseas health and welfare claims. In short, the coverage is very insufficient and does not change the benefits of travel insurance.

What should the trainee’s travel insurance cover?

Being alone in an international country and getting sick is quite a difficult experience despite its adequate coverage. Say you need a clinical emergency situation treatment of illness or after an accident, if you are hospitalized, surely your family will want to visit? If you become seriously ill, you may need to take treatment home in Canada. This can cost thousands of dollars.

You should look for travel insurance that provides enough coverage to spend on emergency health care while you are traveling abroad. Don’t neglect emergency oral care either. A broken or contaminated tooth is an oral emergency.

Can You Use Travel Insurance If You Study Abroad All Year?

Travel insurance will usually provide you with 24-hour assistance. Whether you are at your institution abroad or traveling in another country, you will want the security that 24-hour assistance provides.

How long can trainees stay abroad and still be covered by their provincial health and fitness plan?

There is a lot of confusing information online about provincial health and wellness coverage. For example, trainees from Ontario and various other provinces can study outside Canada for 212 days (7 months) of a 1 year duration and maintain the benefits of their provincial health and fitness plan without interruption. British Columbia residents may leave Canada for up to 24 consecutive months at a time without losing their coverage. If you return for thirty days, say during summer damage, your 24-month problem will start again, allowing you to complete levels of 4 years or longer. But it really just explains there’s no need to reapply for OHIP or MSP coverage when you get back home.

It’s important to remember that provincial coverage won’t properly cover you outside the district, and this allocation to state breaks doesn’t mean you’re covered – it’s just that provincial coverage won’t disappear when you check.

On the other hand, if you intend to go overseas, consider a travel insurance plan that will provide you with the coverage of the clinical, oral and travel solutions you need. Packages are very affordable and provide guarantees.

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