How do I get disability insurance?

Here are the main ways to get impairment insurance or impairment benefits:

Through Your Company

Employer-sponsored impairment insurance is a common benefit offered by companies, especially larger ones. These are usually provided on a team basis.

The benefits of employer-sponsored impairment insurance include:

  • Usually the coverage is automatic, meaning there is no financing or clinical examination. This is a huge bonus if you have hidden health and wellness issues that can make getting individual loss insurance coverage difficult. (However, there may be a lengthy wait before you can access your coverage.)
  • Often there is no premium you have to pay because it is included in your overall benefit package.
  • Usually coverage increases immediately with your income.
  • If your company doesn’t offer impairment insurance as a paid benefit, they can offer it as a voluntary benefit.
    That means you will definitely be spent on coverage, but often through salary deductions. This type of coverage is usually easier to agree to and less expensive than buying impairment insurance yourself.

However, there are some drawbacks to employer-based impairment insurance. They consist of:

  • Often there are coverage limits that can prevent you from converting the amount of lost income you need to be economically viable.
  • You waive your coverage if you leave or are laid off from your job.

Through Professional Company

Many professional companies for individuals in certain industries offer the option to purchase impairment insurance through team plans. A pro is that this coverage usually costs much less than self-purchased impairment insurance. This means it is easier to get approval for coverage. It is also usually less expensive than buying impairment insurance yourself.

The cons are that a professional company may decide to stop offering coverage at any time, which will of course end your impairment insurance. You will also lose protection if you change jobs or leave a professional company.

How do I get disability insurance?

Through the federal government

There are 3 main ways to accept impairment by leveraging the federal government:

  • Employee Pay. Each specification has their own Employee Pay laws that companies must comply with. Employee Pay includes some (but not all) of your lost earnings if you are injured at work or become ill or sick because of your job. This coverage can be provided by yourself or through a private company. The pros to Employee Pay is that it is immediately offered to you for free. The downside is that it only covers work-related injuries and illnesses and may not be enough to cover your income.
  • Social Security Impairment Insurance. The federal government’s damage insurance program covers most employees. Your impairment benefit is based on the amount of income for which you have paid your Social Security tax obligations. While most employees are immediately covered, certification for benefits is not easy. According to Jamsostek Management, approximately 65% ​​of applications for Jamsostek damages benefits were initially rejected. What’s more, the impairment benefit in 2020 is only $1,258 on average. It was barely enough to keep crossing the line of difficulty.
  • Define an impairment insurance plan. 5 states—California, Hawaii, New Jacket, New York and Rhode Island—and Puerto Rico offer short-term impairment insurance. This covers a portion of your income for about 4 to 6 months and is spent going through salary deductions.


One of the best ways to get impairment insurance is to buy it yourself. This allows you to get the exact amount of coverage you need and allows you to compare coverage and prices from different insurance providers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing your coverage if you change jobs or leave certain professional companies. Your best option is to deal with a certified insurance representative to find out about your options and get an impairment insurance quote. He can help customize coverage for your exact needs as well. Find out more about working with and find a representative.

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