Instant Edition Life Insurance

Let’s face it, we live in a world of instant gratification… tap the screen, click a button and you get what you want at lightning speed. From Uber to Prime— you can cancel a ride, buy a meal, or have a box of homemade produce delivered to your door in minutes or hours. That’s why the ancient process of buying a life insurance policy can seem so old-fashioned in this fast-paced era. But life insurance policies have come a long way and now we have entered the 21st century instant call life insurance policies where you can get an approved plan within minutes or hours.

In the past you could only get the best rates for life insurance coverage by filling out lots of paperwork, undergoing clinical tests that required blood and urine samples, and after that waiting up to 3 months to get financing authorization. How times have changed. For previous years, more life insurance providers have joined in offering instant online life insurance policies for younger, healthier and balanced individuals who want instant plans without the need for a clinical examination. And, while the amount of coverage used to be sufficient to cover funeral services, the number of instant authorization life insurance policies you can purchase today can run up to a million dollars in death benefits.

More and more individuals are asking us for this option because they don’t want to delay, or can’t afford to delay getting insurance due to individual or business reasons. A mother and father undergoing separation negotiations may need to comply with a court purchase to provide a life insurance policy that names the children as beneficiaries of the plan. An entrepreneur may need to participate in a sale-purchase life insurance policy contract with his friends. Or, someone planning a trip abroad may need to change an expired plan immediately before going out. These are real life circumstances that require quick activity and an instant trouble call life insurance policy can provide this service.

The application process is quite short. As with all types of online life insurance policy coverage, it all starts with an initial quick quote after the candidate answers a few simple questions: age, gender, home specifications, amount of coverage and preferred size of coverage. After that there are several clinical, employment and lifestyle questions before candidates are notified if they are approved for instant authorization and provide fees. If you agree to the plan, credit rating card payments are required and you can actually publish your life insurance coverage certification from your own computer… that’s it, you’re covered right away. This is a perfect situation situation usually for those who are 18-60 years old and in good basic health and fitness, with no persistent clinical problems. This kind of insurance is also called a non-medical life insurance policy.

As we said, the process of applying for an instant issue life insurance policy is the same as the process of applying for a conventional life insurance policy; it is a process of conclusion and authorization that resembles day and night. It starts when you review an instant online forecast and then uses it directly on your computer after answering a few health and wellness questions before you get approval or disapproval. Here’s the action:

A “yes” answer to this and other questions deemed “risky” will most likely make it difficult to obtain authorization for customers seeking a rushed application process. Skilled licensed representatives can recommend and help guide candidates to the best provider for their individual circumstances and most likely prevent a frustrating application experience.

There was a time when non-medical life insurance policies were significantly more expensive than traditional fully covered clinical exam plans. Those days are now gone, especially for healthy and balanced candidates with no clinical or lifestyle issues. There is little to no difference in the price factor for non-medical plans i.e., instant problem call life nowadays. All the top providers are joined so it’s not like it used to be where non-med was a distinct item, offering only health and fitness/fare “Standard” courses.

Instant Edition Life Insurance

Instant problem call life insurance policies can be significantly cheaper for healthy, balanced candidates with the amount of coverage varying from $50k to $1 million for a 20-year term requirement.

This graph will show an example of one of the most affordable non-medical exams, simplified problem or accelerated financing items offered by the provider. It shows various requirements, standards, and offers based on the amount of coverage and age restrictions. Call sizes are typically evaluated optimally over 20 years, with current coverage amounts to $1 million dollars for various providers.

It’s not just customers who benefit from the speed and convenience of purchasing an instant issue policy; Life insurance providers get good windfalls too. By improving the purchasing process, companies have the ability to cut costs. Remember, not only do they need to use multiple staff to process all the traditional financing measures, but they also pay for the expensive clinical examination fees you take. The tests are free for you but the insurance provider pays a king’s ransom to cash in.

Another factor is encouraging more customers to buy coverage. A large 44% of customers are uninsured or underinsured in the country, according to research conducted by the LIMRA life insurance policy marketing team. That’s why life insurance providers are trying to improve processes to remove many of the challenges that have turned customers away from buying coverage. The more user-friendly the process is, the fewer barriers Americans need to overcome in order to obtain critical safeguards to protect their families.

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