Move? Where You Live Affects How Much You Pay on Home and Car Insurance

Is your current insurance provider still offering you the best rates after you’ve removed them?

Chances are, when you decide to move house, the last point you consider is how it will affect the price of your home insurance and auto insurance. And it can criticize you? Insurance prices aren’t exactly at the top of the list of buying (or renting) features when you’re looking for a new place to call home. However, the reality is that your insurance costs are likely to change. For the lucky ones, this may mean paying less for your coverage; for others, it will mean paying more.

One thing’s for sure, whether your price goes up or down, don’t assume it’s the best price you can get. You can do better, and here are 3 ways how:

  1. Bundle your plans to save up to 15%

We all know when you combine your telephone and internet solutions, you often get a better price. The same goes for insurance. If you purchase home insurance (or renter or condo coverage) from the same company from which you purchased auto insurance, you will get approved for a multi-line discount. Multi-line is the insurance term for what is better described as multi-product, and this discount can save you 5 to 15% off one or both of your plans.

  1. Ask how your new home can get you a new discount

A new address may give you additional home insurance discounts that were not previously available to you. If you’re moving directly into a new, newly built home, there are new home discounts that some insurance providers offer. Let’s say the new house you’re moving into is equipped with a centrally tracked security system or breaker alarm system, or an automatic spark breaker system or leak finding system. Due to the situation, there may be discounts available there as well. There may also be a discount rate on your auto insurance if your vehicle will be parked regularly in a garage or private driveway.

  1. Look around (seriously, don’t assume your rates are still the best)

Often, when it comes to moving, their individual number will notify their insurance company of their change of address which will then change their rate, and whatever the rate is what it is. Plus, they’ll still give you the best home and car insurance rates like they did the last time you looked around, right? Not always.

Move? Where You Live Affects How Much You Pay on Home and Car Insurance

The price you pay is based on your insurance company’s claim experience in your new area with a variety of residents and drivers like yourself. No 2 insurance providers coincide. While one insurance provider may find that a new area is more prone to puddles, back-up lines or break-ins, or when it comes to your vehicle coverage, more prone to accidents or auto theft, another insurance company actuary may find the opposite. CORRECT. It all depends on the current pool of policyholders covered by the company in your new territory.

Better than one another: Bundles to save money on your home and car insurance

If you change your current or address, you may also need to change your insurance company to invest less in your coverage. Today’s contrast estimates from our network of more than 30 insurance service companies for your most affordable rates. Start by comparing estimates for the plan you’re paying for the most, perhaps your auto insurance. After that, when you talk to the provider who gave you the best price, ask them to give you a price for your home insurance as well. They will be happy to help.

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