The Value of Outsourcing Your Insurance Agent’s Marketing Function

The reality is that most insurance representatives can drop a sale from the park once the odds are in front of them, but getting them straight into the position requires a completely different nuanced approach. You can research marketing, or maybe even take a program, but the truth is that your marketing company takes a special initiative and your current plate is complete with your dedication to your position.

The advantage here is that it’s okay if you can’t do everything, and in this situation, it’s actually better for your company if you can’t. Getting an outdoor marketing company to advertise your brand name and attract more customers to your doorstep is a wise choice to earn income from any business. This is why outsourcing your marketing function provides a value that is worth its weight in gold.

Consider your average customer has taken a break from you. They are there because their knowledge of insurance items is limited, and they need a professional to guide and connect them with the plan that best fits their needs.

It is also possible that people take a break before you are ready to work, it has absolutely nothing to do with insurance. Advertising groups can help your insurance company in the same way you help customers every day.

You do not have the appropriate experience to do certain marketing work. Yes, you can do it yourself, but there are subtleties and analytics that only advertising professionals understand how to use them for brand name development.

One of the most effective marketing strategies for your insurance company is to let the experts handle it.

There is a misconception that outsourcing your marketing function is too expensive for smaller insurance companies. Besides, why pay someone to do it when with a little initiative or involving a member of staff you can do it yourself?

The first flaw with this way of thinking is that it shows that you don’t value your own time enough. Every minute of time guided towards a marketing initiative is a minute that is removed from your customers. At first glance, it may seem like not outsourcing is a wise financial choice, but it is important to also consider the costs of not having extra time to support connections.

But, what about hiring a dedicated internal marketing professional? Consider that the median annual income of an e-marketing supervisor is a little over $77,000 a year. In fact, you might be able to get someone with e-marketing experience on board for less, but at the end of the day, you’re likely still going to be investing more in payroll than you would when outsourcing to an advertising company.

Electronic marketing is an ever-changing self-control. To be and stay affordable, you need not only to market your business today, but also for the future. This takes more time than taking a course or reading some articles. It involves digging deep into the world of marketing every day, understanding how it works and which trends are driving change.

Unfortunately, many internal marketing groups are not qualified to spot trends before they reach them. When you contract, you put your development and reputation in the hands of someone who can optimize your strategy to stand out ahead of the curve.

The Value of Outsourcing Your Insurance Agent’s Marketing Function

Perhaps you are familiar with the call “sales funnel”. It is used to describe the process that occurs between the first time a customer is presented to your company until they reach a commitment condition. As with any channel, the top is wider, allowing many qualified leads to be included. Eventually, the channel narrows as unqualified leads are removed on the way to conversion.

Each stopping point along the channel requires a specific and direct marketing approach. Customers who stay on the channel are a valuable product, and one wrong step can cause them to disappear. It also doesn’t need to be anything significant, something relatively unimportant like sending them an email that makes it seem like you don’t really understand where they are staying in the customer journey can be a huge hitch.

Understanding and defining this and after that coming up with a customized marketing approach is something that comes with a user-friendly experience and feel about this industry. It also requires access to some of the major logical devices and knowledge to use them.

What happens when you have taken control of your own marketing initiative internally and your strategy has failed? Do you know how to identify the problem, adjust and change the point about, or will you struggle trying several different approaches and hopefully one will work?

Or, suppose you take someone in, invest money and time to speed things up, and then waste months waiting for results that never happen? You may decide to produce someone new, but right now you’ve wasted a lot of time and the new hires will only cost you more money and time.

Outsourcing your marketing function means someone is responsible and committed to getting results from day one. Their sole job is to seriously analyze every element of your marketing strategy and optimize it for success – their own reputation depends on it.

The insurance industry is like no other and demands a specific and sharp marketing approach. We are a group of experts at building understanding, generating traffic and generating success for insurance companies like yourself.

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