Insurance Increases 12 Percent in Ottawa, Here’s Why

Average premiums for Ottawa auto insurance have increased 12 percent in 2019. The trend is typically upward across Ontario, as insurance providers continue to pay increasing amounts.

Understanding Ottawa Insurance Prices

Your insurance premiums are based primarily on your individual driving record and insurance background, although there are some interesting external correlations that can affect insurance prices.

Why Are Prices Rising?

Insurance providers are raising prices to combat costs associated with car repairs, claims and insurance fraud across the district. Auto insurance fraud alone costs Canadians more than a billion dollars a year. Ottawa insurance prices also tend to vary based on the total number of fatal accidents in the previous year. information combined with information released by the City of Ottawa shows that the cost of increasing or decreasing costs is almost in line with the type of fatal accident in the previous year. When fatal accidents in the city fell from 29 to 22 in 2016, for example, auto insurance in Ottawa fell 11.25 percent. In 2017 deaths increased, and in 2019 insurance rose. However, 2018 saw a decline in fatal accidents, so it’s possible that we’ll see a slight drop in prices in early 2020.

Tips for Saving

Did you get approval for the Discount?

There are many discounts that insurance providers provide, most of which you wouldn’t even know existed. There are Big Trainee Discounts, Away Trainee at Institution Discounts, alumni discounts, union discounts, and more along those lines. Ask your list of providers to see how you can save.

Most popular discounts for Ottawa drivers:

  • Carleton College Trainee
  • Carleton College Alumni Organization
  • Algonquin . University Alumni Organization
  • Ottawa College Alumni Organization
  • College of Ottawa Trainee

Packing home and auto insurance can save anywhere from 5 to 15 percent on your plan or plans.

Insurance Increases 12 Percent in Ottawa, Here’s Why

Pay upfront

Some insurance providers reward you for paying the premium all at once. The cash the company saves in management fees, associated with monthly resettlement, eventually flows to you through the discount rate.

Own it Safely

A good driving record can keep your costs low. Accidents and tickets by mistake can increase your costs so that you return hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. If you actually have relatives who are high-risk drivers in your plan, you may want to consider removing them from your insurance.

Ottawa has some pretty safe drivers, with 84 percent actually not having had an accident in the previous ten years.

Contrast Approximate

It is very important to compare car insurance estimates. With rising costs, are you sure you’re still getting the best deal? has saved the average Ottawa driver $282.55 on auto insurance.

How Can I Get Cheaper Car Insurance in the Future?

Sign up for’s rate alert solution, to be notified when lower auto insurance rates become available. You can sign up for a solution when it is triggered during the estimation process and can be alerted every 3 to 6 months depending on your choice.

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