What Is an Independent Insurance Agent?

Everyone needs a professional in their corner. The more complicated life gets, the more we need someone to help us keep track of our daily work. A professional. An expert. An authority. Whatever you want to call it, we all need it.

Finding the best insurance coverage is not diverse. The right professional can easily sort through all the insurance coverage options out there and find the one with the best value that is perfect for you.

These experts are called independent insurance representatives. Let’s look at the benefits of functions with independent representation.

What is an Independent Insurance Representative?

An independent insurance representative is someone who offers insurance coverage from several different insurance providers as opposed to a single company. They act as intermediaries between insurance buyers and insurance vendors.

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Independent insurance representatives are usually qualified to sell various types of insurance coverage (auto, home, health and wellness). They are usually self-employed, receive a commission for the plans they sell, and exclude workers from certain insurance companies.

What Does an Independent Insurance Representative Do?

Now let’s discuss how independent insurance representatives work.

Because independent representatives deal with many insurance providers, they can provide their customers with a wide range of coverage options and prices. One of the most important parts of their job is matching customers with the right insurance coverage and rates.

First, they consider the needs of individual clients. After that they find a choice of plans that meet these needs. Great independent insurance representatives will provide side-by-side contrasts of the pricing and coverage options they find. Finally, the representative goes through all the options with you so that you can choose the best package.

Effective independent agents—agents who are super serve their clients—make it their job to stay present at all the coverage options and prices available from the insurance provider they strive for. Basically, this means they do the research for you, so you don’t have to complete a lot of various online applications to get your own quote contrast.

Also better? Your inbox isn’t flooded with tons of tacky sales pitches from various insurance providers.

After you purchase your plan, the insurance company pays compensation to an independent representative. Compensation rates are usually comparable across multiple insurance providers, so independent representatives can concentrate on finding the plan that’s really right for you—not the one that will make them one of the most profitable.

Independent Representative vs. Insurance Broker vs. Prisoner Representative

This is challenging to discuss, but very important to understand the difference.

First, let’s review the difference between an independent representative and an insurance broker. The best way to discuss the difference is to start with that insurance brokers can’t actually sell you insurance—they are middlemen between you and the insurance representative. Their goal is to find the best plan and price for your circumstances.

At Ramsey, most of our Supported Local Services (ELP) companies are independent brokers and representatives. So, from your point of view as a client, the differences are essentially unimportant as all of our ELPs are qualified to find the best coverage at the best price for you and your family.

So, what is the difference between a captive vs independent insurance representative?

The main difference is that captive representatives can only sell goods from the insurance company they work for—they cannot discuss or sell options outside of their company schedule.

On the other hand, independent representatives are not tied to a single provider, so they can look around for the best coverage and prices.

Here is an image showing independent vs. representative. captive representatives and how they get along with brokers.

Benefits of Working With Independent Representatives

The flexibility of independent representatives needing to deal with multiple companies is the number one factor we are huge followers of working with independent representatives for your insurance needs. It’s simply a truth of life that the more options you have, the more likely you’ll be able to save money while getting the best coverage.

Wait but. There are many more benefits that you should know.

Licensed Expert

Insurance can be tricky to get, but independent representatives know their stuff. They have passed their special exams and are licensed to demonstrate them.

They can take some time to equate industry terms to help you make a wise choice. They have built their profession by learning how to evaluate your needs and match them with the insurance provider best equipped to meet those needs.

Individual Advisor

Remember when we mentioned the importance of having someone in your corner? This is best done by an independent insurance representative. They consume, rest and take breath insurance because they like to help individuals. They deal with you one on one, taking the time to pay attention and understand your individual needs. They know that it’s not just about getting the best rates—it’s also about making sure that your insurance coverage is met if you need to use it.

Local authorities

An independent representative is your next door neighbor. We built our ELP program specifically so you can deal with representatives residing in your community. Local independent representatives understand the challenges and benefits of living in your location and are near you, ready to help.

Specialist for life

Great independent representatives regularly review your plans to ensure that you are still getting the right coverage at the right price. Life comes with many changes, some great and some bad, (marriage, childbirth, starting a company, separation, buying a house, securing a teenage driver) and independent representatives are there to help you adapt to any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We have got the answer.

How to become an independent representative?

Becoming an independent insurance representative requires several actions, consisting of taking courses (determined by yourself) and passing a licensing exam (depending on the type of insurance you wish to sell). Becoming an independent insurance representative is becoming an increasingly popular profession choice because of its versatility.

Newly licensed representatives help recognized companies gain experience before becoming independent representatives. Additional education and learning and a license are required for you to progress in your profession.

How do independent representatives make money?

Independent representatives are paid compensation and make more compensation than captive representatives. Generally, independent insurance representatives make compensation between 10% and 25% of the insurance coverage.

How much do independent representatives earn?

The annual income range for an insurance representative is $29,000 to $127,840.1 As with commission-based jobs, your place, marketing skills, and the amount of initiative you put into the job have a direct effect on the pay you take home.

Any skilled baker will tell you that cooking is not as easy as the dish would like it to be. New bakers need to observe their senior citizens, remember, and train hard. If you’re a would-be independent insurance representative who wants to know how to start an independent insurance company, then it’s akin to a new baker; you need to remember.

However, there are some faster ways that you can need to build a great insurance company and get leads for insurance. Your effort and endurance won’t be second to this faster way, but it will help you over time.

What’s in store for independent insurance representatives?
As an insurance representative, you will enjoy an important role in purchasing insurance. Customers usually have little or no idea what insurance they should buy, and a look for expert advice.

Representative advice also becomes more important to customers when it comes from independent representatives who offer more choices. Independent insurance representatives sell several types of insurance, such as life, health and welfare, and property & casualty. Unlike captive representatives, independent representatives are not guaranteed direct to a particular item or provider, which gives them versatility.

The pay isn’t bad either. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 the median annual wage for an independent insurance representative in the US is $52,180. Compensation allows effective representatives to achieve high profits. The compensation they make from the restored plan allows them to earn income easily. However, before these representatives start earning money from the revival, they need to grow their company.

What Is an Independent Insurance Agent?

How do you start an independent insurance company?

To start an independent insurance company, it usually takes a lot of money, effort and time. It may seem easy to start a company from the ground up, but a lot of initiative goes into producing a company.

However, it wouldn’t be a rip off sheet if we didn’t have a faster way, would it? You have 2 options:

Buy business books

Independent insurance representatives can purchase business books from current insurance companies. However, according to BayState Business Broker, you could spend $250,000 to $500,000, or more depending on how profitable it is. Even though your company will be handed over to you, you probably don’t want to waste too much money. It’s like having a sole proprietorship.

Become an independent representative through the corporate model
The corporate model is created to assist your independent company with appropriate support and obligations. You will have the ability to focus on selling insurance while the company provides all the functional assistance the company needs.

Insurance Company Model

There are 2 choices of company models that you can choose from:

Franchise business model

A franchise business will allow you to own an insurance business, and how much you develop books is entirely up to you. They will give you all the functional assistance you need, along with access to insurance providers. While there will be many fees to pay to the franchisor, your company will be associated with a recognized brand name that contributes to your company’s good reputation.

You may find that this company model does not leave enough room for independent insurance representatives to thrive because of the non-competitive provisions they make in their contracts.

For example, Brightway Insurance is one of the better performing companies operating a franchise business model to independent insurance representatives.

For a staggering start-up fee of up to $50,000, some insurance providers offer credible branding, functional assistance, lead generation solutions, and technology assistance. While it may seem like a big financial investment at first, you should know that sometimes a 2 year non-compete term can bring your company to a close if you decide to stop working with them. In addition, the need for a workplace also increases barriers to entry significantly.

Insurance FMO Model

If starting your independent insurance company through a franchise business is not your favourite, then you might consider working under the FMO model. This model has increased in appeal because it provides representatives of many of the same solutions that the franchise business model offers. In most situations, they share compensation with their representatives. Typically, the compensation share is 70/30 between the FMO and the representative.

Let’s look directly at Protected by SAGE, a Georgia-based startup insurance company that uses the FMO model. Their compensation share is relatively the best in the industry, with 80/20 for the first year and 50/50 for the revival.

The company is a little over a year old with sufficient support and funding, and they want to show themselves off.

Being protected by SAGE provides an extraordinary opportunity for representatives on the east coast. Although new, their vision of “a standout industry transformation with front-end representatives and facilities” is certainly very appealing. They also offer a full range of insurance items, maintenance assistance, marketing & lead generation support along with a high compensation share.

It’s easy enough to see why more and more independent insurance representatives are relying on the FMO insurance model for their companies recently. The FMO model provides their representatives with the same benefits as franchisors with a greater degree of flexibility.

The main focus of this FMO is to find a way for representative success. Newer FMOs can easily offer their representatives a better share compared to the established ones, but both motivate development and regular sailing.

Key takeaway

It can be frustrating as a potential company owner to find so many options at your disposal. It is important to choose the right option for your company according to your goals and objectives. However, you also need to understand which model will motivate the development of your company and its value.

Your independent insurance company needs a nourishing environment to thrive to its full potential. A comprehensive review of the company’s models reveals that the FMO model could be your best chance to take control of the insurance industry.

Decide What Kind of Representative You Want

We have now decided that you would like to become an independent insurance representative. However, it’s worth checking out both types of insurance representatives in business for conversation.

Captive Insurance Representative

This kind of representative only works for one company. This single company is usually a significant national provider.

Insurance companies support representatives by providing educational and marketing networks.

In return, the company makes representatives sign non-compete and agreements to market their goods solely. Get in touch with work for the specified time.

The compensation portion is inversely proportional to the company’s marketing support—the more help, the lower the price.

Independent Insurance Representative

Independent insurance representatives, on the other hand, work with more than one insurance company.

Independent representatives provide customers with multiple insurance estimates regardless of the insurance company. By doing this, they can discuss and set the best price and coverage.

As an independent representative, you will have a lot of flexibility to choose the goods you market to customers. This flexibility comes at the cost of receiving minimal support from an insurance provider.

Therefore, representatives should strive to develop their brand name in the market as well as sculpt their niche. That they needed to develop and publish their own brand name made the initial act of becoming an insurance representative even more challenging.

What Insurance Products Do You Want To Sell?

There are many individual and industrial insurance coverages.

Individual insurance concentrates on coverage for families and people. The coverage covers the reduction of harm to people’s lives by covering:

Comply with the specified license terms

It’s important to decide what you want to sell before you start getting permits. Knowing what your business is trying to sell you will guide you in choosing the right license.

The license name differs depending on the specifics of where you live. However, one of the most common license categories is the following 2:

Property and Accident Licenses – These are for independent insurance representatives who wish to offer customers in need of home, auto, or business insurance.

Life, health and welfare, and accident rentals – These are for insurance representatives who plan to cover a customer base that requires perpetual insurance coverage, such as life, health and welfare, or accident insurance policies.

Becoming an independent insurance representative may require you to use several licenses. Specific licensing terms can be easily obtained from your state’s insurance licensing division. In addition, the company you will work with will help you retain the information.

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